At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the World Ploughing Organization on Thursday 3rd March the WPO Board represented by 27 Affiliate Countries made this Resolution:

On February 24th 2022 Russia attacked and launched an invasion on its neighbouring country Ukraine. The Russian attack on Ukraine is a clear violation and breach of international law. The World Ploughing Organisation strongly condemn Russia and its leadership for this atrocious conduct.

The 67th World Ploughing Contest is scheduled to take place on August 13th – 14th in St. Petersburg, Russia. The event was due to be hosted by the Russian Ploughing Organisation in 2022.

The World Ploughing Organisation’s slogan is: Pax Arva Collat – Let Peace Cultivate The Soil.

Russia’s conduct towards Ukraine is in direct contradiction to WPO’s slogan Pax Arva Collat. The World Ploughing Organisation must not allow itself to be associated with the current Russian leadership.

Therefore, the World Ploughing Governing Board has decided to cancel the forthcoming 67th World Ploughing Contest in St. Petersburg, Russia.